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Your Kingdom Assignment


KINGDOM LIFE UNIVERSITY is where the Word of God is exalted and God's kingdom is applied to every area of life. Your KLU materials, video courses and tests are located in your Student Portal online Learning Center.  After registering and setting up your tuition payment plan, you will receive your username and password.  Begin your studies immediately and proceed at your own pace.  Before you begin your courses, carefully read the instructions and download your materials in MY KLU STUDENT PORTAL, as needed.  The KLU accredited degree program can be taken online anytime, anywhere using mobile devices (cell phone, tablets, laptops or desktop computers).  You can study online individually or online with a church campus.  Your tests are taken online... with immediate grading.  If your church is hosting a campus, you can attend its campus events, as well as study online.  If your church does not have a campus, tell your pastor about the opportuny to host a degree campus and give him the website and "Hosting A Campus".  You also may attend a "Live KLU Campus Class" each week on the internet.  Sign up for newsletter to receive weekly invitation.

Kingdom Life is defined as walking daily under the authority of King Jesus. The Kingdom of God is where ever Jesus rules.  The Gospel of the Kingdom prepares students to walk in their God given assignments.

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