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                        "Training and Equipping Christians for Life and Ministry"
                                         MISSIONS CAMPUS 
MISSION: Train and empower Nationals for Remote Village Evangelism &  Pastors
      1.  Character:   Integrity, Accountability & Responsibility      
      2.  Relational:  Belongingness, Significance & Competence
      3.  Kingdom:    Love, Servanthood & Authority
KLU Directors are dedicated and committed to reaching their nations with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  By establishing mission campus, using KLU materials, these National Directors are training and equipping Christians to reach their nation for Christ.
KLU's International mission program is part of Action Evangelism's plan to reach those who have never heard the Gospel globally. In Matthew 9:38  Jesus said, "Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest"  We believe Nationals are the key to reaching those who have never heard the Gospel in the remote villages of Asia & Africa.  Nationals  are better suited to reach their nation because they know the language and dialects, understand the culture, know where the remote villages are located, can go where foreigners can't go and have a special passion for their nation.  
KLU was founded by President Jerry Brandt who has nearly 50 years of experience in mobilizing churches in evangelism, held large crusades, broadcast radio and TV, lead worship, authored books and ministered to the homeless.  President Brandt earned his BA in Bible and Speech at Bob Jones University and his MA in Administration in Biblical Education at Denver Baptist Seminary and College (BBCS).  He was  national field representative for BBCS and started in evangelism working with Dr. Jack Van Impe as an associate evangelist.  He was a professor with Christian Life School of Theology and has travelled worldwide.  The Worldwide Evangelism Association was founded by Evangelist Jerry Brandt for evangelistic hearted Christians to connect.   
KLU has satellite campuses globally.   A Mission Campus offers certificate and diploma studies, using KLU materials and audio courses.  A National Director oversees the campus.  The Mission Program is scholarhip funded through Action Evangelism, as part of its missions program.  A Mission campus does not offer accredited degree studies.  
1.   Agreement with KLU Tenants of Faith.
2.   A Christian of godly character, in good standing, able to lead, willing oversee 
      KLU classes.
3.   You must have a computer with USB port & speakers to play the 
      audio courses in a room large enough to hold your students.  
4.   You must be able to print courses studies, materials and certificates. 
5.   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF (free download offered online)
6.   You must be able to print outlines for the courses and certificates. 
7.   You must register students, keep a record of completion of each course on 
      the Student Completion Form.  
8.   You must email regular update reports of campus activities to
9.   You must submit a Graduation Form for each class graduation.
10. You must agree to follow KLU Policies and Procedures.
11. You must be able to download audio courses from Cloud Service, using your
      Internet service.
Internet Cloud Service (Using your Internet, download audio courses and start your classes without delay.
KLU materials sent by email in PDF form: KLU Workbook, certificagtes, procedures, policies and forms.     
KLU monthly email newsletter with campus activities.
KLU Director Forms email newsletter with updated forms. 

Missions Annual Report  (Jan. 31 following year)
Missions Graduation Form
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